Just uploaded a new release. See the CHANGELOG.txt for the full list of changes, or here's the shortened list: Updated display of connection counters in GUI Added new Telnet action that can be used to telnet to a remote server Fixed handling of RLogin connections Fixed DORINFO1 and DORINFOx command-line specifiers Fixed crashing of DOS doors when [...] Read more

Just uploaded a new release. See the CHANGELOG.txt for the full list of changes, or here's the shortened list: Updated GameSrvGUI to look more like a real GUI (should be familiar to those who used older versions of GameSrv) Upgraded Usurper to 0.23f Add WatchDTR setting to door configuration files (see _sample.ini for info) Upgrader now supports [...] Read more

Just uploaded a new release. See the CHANGELOG.txt for the full list of changes, or here's the shortened list: Added ASCII version of all ANSI files Updated DisplayFile* action so you can pass an extensionless name, and GameSrv will pick the best extension based on the user's terminal type Changed things so "Incoming connection from :0" will be [...] Read more

Just uploaded a new release. Change summary: Fixed CTRL-C in GameSrvGUI -- it'll now just copy the portion of the log window text you had selected, and won't also open the configuration program Changed the way coloured text is added in GameSrvGUI, which will hopefully solve the problem of colours not being used while the program is minimized [...] Read more

The GameSrv source is now up on GitHub! It requires two other libraries of mine (well mostly mine, they contain some collected code as well) that aren't on GitHub yet, so you won't be able to compile it yet, but hopefully I'll have RMLib and RMLibUI up there shortly

Just uploaded a new release. Change summary: Fixed time display (was showing month in place of minute in some cases) Fixed GameSrv version number in DOOR32.SYS Add colour coding to certain message types. Needs to be configurable in a future release Started work on a GUI configuration program (GSConfig). Only the Server Settings dialog works for [...] Read more

Just uploaded a new release. A couple of the new features are: Adds ability to ban specific IP addresses (including wildcard matching) LocalOutput= line replaced with WindowStyle= line in door ini files (sorry for the hassle!). This will allow more control over how the doors are displayed when executed. When using the RUNBBS mode, the top 3 lines [...] Read more

So much for not going years between releases! But finally, a third alpha is now available. A fair number of changes went into this release over the last year, so please see the CHANGELOG.txt file to see if there was anything important that might impact your alpha 2 installation As usual, not a lot of testing went into this release. All 3 versions [...] Read more

I've just uploaded a second alpha version. In the near future I'd like to get a changelog page built for the site, but for now just check out the CHANGELOG.txt in the release archive.

The new alpha has finally been released. Some features from the old version are missing, so it may be a little disappointing at first, but this version should be under much more active development than the last since it's totally rewritten in a new language with better development tools available (now C#, rather than the buggy old Turbo Delphi). [...] Read more

Happy New Year! Been talking about a new GameSrv for awhile now (mostly by email, not so much on this website), and I think after finally getting some work done on it recently it's almost time to make a new release! It'll definitely be alpha quality to start off, so will take some courage to test, but I think it's going to be much easier to support [...] Read more

GameSrv v10.04.02 was just released today. This is a minor bugfix to the previous version, which just fixes a few problems related to email verification.

GameSrv v8.06.07 was just released today. No new features here, just a bugfix for those who upgraded from v7.06.15 to v8.05.18 and then to v8.06.03 (the database didn't get upgraded properly, so you would have receved an error from LoadConfigTbl() failing to run at startup).

GameSrv v8.06.03 was just released today. A little more testing went into this release than the last, but not much more, so PLEASE make sure you backup your GameSrv directory before upgrading. This release adds a few new options, but the biggest changes are some show-stopping "Run as NT Service" bugfixes, so please continue to test that mode of [...] Read more

GameSrv v8.05.18 was just released today. As usual, not a whole lot of testing went into it before releasing it, so PLEASE make sure you backup your GameSrv directory before upgrading. Of special need of testing is the "Run as NT Servive" option, so if you choose to try that option, please let me know your expeciences, whether they be good or bad.

Somebody just brought to my attention the fact that I broke the promise I made awhile ago. The promise was that I would try to work on GameSrv on a weekly basis, and if I failed to work on it for a 30 day period, I would release the source. Well, I didn't technically break the promise, as I have been working on GameSrv here and there, but I [...] Read more

OK, so it took a little longer than I planned, but I've just uploaded a new pre-release version of GameSrv. This one is mostly feature complete (it even has configuration screens!), but there hasn't been a lot of testing put into it. So if you're feeling adventurous, please give it a try and let me know if you run into any problems. If you've been [...] Read more

Well, I had some computer problems over the holidays, so not a lot (read: nothing) got done on GameSrv. I've built a new system and have just finished migrating everything over though, so now things should be back to normal and I should be able to get some programming done.

Finally built a website for GameSrv. I really like the design, so I think I'll be making the R&M Software page use it as well. (I didn't actually "build" the website, just got the layout from and modified it to suit my needs.) I really don't think I'm going to get another GameSrv release out this year, but hopefully in [...] Read more

Holy Shit indeed. Yes, after many, many, many, many, many, MANY years, I've finally released a new version of GameSrv. Before you get too excited, don't be. This is an early pre-release version just meant to get your feedback on what works and what doesn't (a lot of the features aren't implemented, so I already know some of the stuff isn't.) Along [...] Read more

I've updated my long neglected site,, with a brief history and statement about the future of GameSrv. Please go take a look if you're interested. And I thought about removing the old news entries from this page, since they're a little embarassing (no update in over a year, broken promise after broken promise), but maybe seeing them [...] Read more

Yes, it's hard to believe, but I'm adding a news entry, and about the progress of GameSrv to boot! This past weekend I spent a bit of time working on GameSrv, and I got quite a bit done. It's not quite ready for testing yet because the logon system isn't implemented so it doesn't differentiate between users, but that's about the only piece holding [...] Read more

I planned to release a new ALPHA of GameSrv this weekend, but I bit off a little more than I could chew so it's in a broken state right now. Hopefully next weekend #4 will be out.

Just uploaded a new ALPHA 3 version of GameSrv. This version has a couple new commands available, but the main reason for the release is an important bugfix that fixes possible cpu/memory hogging.

Just uploaded a new ALPHA 2 version of GameSrv. This version is a little bit more functional than the last, with the most important addition being the user stuff. Now doors will see users as unique people, unlike in ALPHA 1 where it saw them all as the same person.

Just uploaded the webpage for the GameSrv ALPHA.

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