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Do you remember calling Bulleting Board Systems (BBS for short) back in the day? The internet slowly ate away at the BBS userbase, with Email/Usenet/Web based bulletin boards replacing the need for message areas and message networks like Fidonet, and FTP servers replacing the need for file areas, it's fair to say BBSing isn't what it used to be.

What GameSrv Does
Not everything about BBSing has been replaced with an internet equivalent. The old text-based door games are still popular, even attracting the attention of the younger generation, who have grown up on action packed FPS games like Doom, Quake and Half-Life. This is why GameSrv was born, to give SysOps a simple yet powerful way to host door games for generations to come!
What GameSrv Doesn't Do
But that's ALL that GameSrv does. If you're an even more diehard SysOp who wants to rejoin Fidonet or have a 100gig file area, GameSrv is probably not for you. And in that case, have a look at Synchronet. It's pretty much the best BBS out there, and portions of it are actually what allow GameSrv to do what it does.
OK, That's Not Quite True
Actually, GameSrv can also be used to bring your old DOS based BBS server into the new millennium. It'll act as a front-end and accept telnet connections before passing them off to the DOS BBS software. While this isn't the reason I first created GameSrv, it does seem to be the reason most people use it!

New in the latest version is the ability to have your DOS BBS software run modern WIN32 doors. This means, for example, that your DOS BBS can run TelnetDoor to connect to other systems!


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