Just uploaded a new release. See the CHANGELOG.txt for the full list of changes, or here's the shortened list:

  • Added ASCII version of all ANSI files
  • Updated DisplayFile* action so you can pass an extensionless name, and GameSrv will pick the best extension based on the user's terminal type
  • Changed things so "Incoming connection from :0" will be less likely to shown in the log window
  • Added config\ignored-ips.txt
  • Added *ALIAS, *USERNAME and *PASSWORD command-line parameters. Also made it possible to pass values from newuser.ini as command-line parameters
  • NOTE: The above parameters could be abused by malicious users -- please read doors\_runbbs.ini before you try using these
  • Added ability to disable password hashing (you can only do this with a fresh install though -- once you have users, it's too late to disable hashing or they won't be able to sign in anymore)
  • Added a NewUserPassword setting to gamesrv.ini, allowing you to run a private system (users must enter this password before they can register)
  • Added initial support for DOSBox 0.73, so DOS doors can run on 64bit versions of Windows (it really doesn't work that well though)
  • Added a filter so incompatible doors won't be listed on the various menus (for example 16bit doors won't be listed on 64bit versions of Windows (unless DOSBox is installed))
  • Renamed GSConfig to GameSrvConfig
  • Added an Upgrade.exe program to import your settings/users from a GameSrv v10.04.02 install
  • Added *MINUTESLEFT and *SECONDSLEFT command-line parameters
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