Just uploaded a new release. See the CHANGELOG.txt for the full list of changes, or here's the shortened list:

  • Updated GameSrvGUI to look more like a real GUI (should be familiar to those who used older versions of GameSrv)
  • Upgraded Usurper to 0.23f
  • Add WatchDTR setting to door configuration files (see _sample.ini for info)
  • Upgrader now supports importing of LogOn and Logoff process items that used the EXEC* command
  • Fixed the thank-you screen that should have been displayed after registering (it didn't pause after displaying before)
  • Take terminal type into account when displaying menus (previously only looked for menus\*.ans, now will also look for *.rip and *.asc whenever appropriate)
  • Fixed install.cmd to work for everyone. For some it already worked, but for others it complained about not finding certain files
  • Fixed WebSocket connections. When I added the terminal type detection, I put it in a place that ran before the handshake occured for websocket connections, so that broke things. The handshake now occurs before terminal type detection, so all is well.
  • Added new icons to GUI
  • Add a new history panel to the GUI WFC
  • Fix hotkey input at menu screens
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