There's a new alpha release of GameSrv available on GitHub: GameSrv Alpha (Just click one of the two .zip links, then click "View Raw" to download the file)

This new version has a lot of new features that I've been meaning to get out there for awhile, as well as fixes for installing on Ubuntu 14.04, so I figured it was probably time to package something up.  I haven't tested it too extensively yet, so that's why it's considered an alpha release.  Definitely don't use it to upgrade any existing installations you have, at least not without backing up your existing GameSrv directory!

Some of the new features in this version are:

  • A whoisonline.txt is available in tab-delimited format
  • Compiling pty-sharp on Ubuntu 14.04 is fixed
  • Add rlogin-ips.txt, which gives you the ability to limit who can RLogin into your server
  • IPv6 support!  Except on XP, which doesn't support dual-stack, and it's probably not worth working around that
  • Added Dean Warren's start/stop script for Linux
  • DOS BBSes can now run WIN32 doors via the W32DOOR utility (documentation pending, email me if you need assistance).  Credit to Mike Ehlert for making this work with NetFoss, which made me give some thought to how something like that could work with GameSrv.
  • Telnet-out feature is now embedded instead of relying on TelnetDoor.exe, so it now supports Linux
  • Doors now use Platform=DOS|Linux|Windows instead of Native=true|false, which gives more control over what doors can be displayed at any given time (ie a Win32 door set to Native=true shouldn't be visible when running on Linux, but GameSrv had no way of knowing that)
  • RLogin can optionally validate the user's password
  • Add banned-users.txt, which lets you temporarily ban users who try to login/register with certain aliases (I use it for bots that try to login as comcast, cusadmin, etc)
  • Ignore StatusCake and UptimeRobot IP addresses

NOTE: .NET Framework 3.5 is now required.  You likely already have it installed if you had 2.0 installed, but it's possible you don't (especially if you're using XP)

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